Health Solutions

An educated employee is a healthy employee! We partner with the top biometric screening companies across the nation and can assist your staff in learning about their current health and what steps to take to improve. We can plan and prepare the event for you, then analyze the results and recommend a course of action. We can also advise you on how to find out which costs are reimbursable from your insurance company. If you have an in-house fitness facility, think of us to cover vacations or when you need to add a new health professional to your team.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Evaluations "fit the task to the worker, not the worker to the task." A professional evaluator provides recommendations for equipment, postural corrections and procedural changes are made to help see where ergonomic risk factors can be reduced.

Smoking Cessation

Onsite smoking cessation programs help employees quit smoking thereby increasing productivity and profitability of your company.

Health Coaches

Most people already know what healthy choices they should be making, but change is hard. Our health coaches meet one on one to help empower employees to make healthy decisions for themselves. Coaches help employees to understand their current health status, focus on personal goals and provide a confidential, compassionate ear.

Health Fairs

Through our national partnerships, SemperPT helps in planning, coordinating your event and can assess your needs and employee interest to create a health fair theme. Our professional staff create a fun, interactive and educational event.

SemperPT also plays an integral role in staffing corporate fitness centers to assure smooth day-to-day operations. For more information on our health solutions for corporate fitness management and staffing please "request information" below.